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Our Associated Service Professionals

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Managing your finances requires a network of professionals with the expertise to provide long term, valuable advice. Our professional partners outlined below, can assist you with other areas of your financial needs, which we are not licensed to do. More importantly, they can also work in tandem with Benchmark to provide consistent outcomes and reduce the time you have to spend on each individual matter.


If seeing your Financial Adviser and Accountant at the same office sounds appealing, then we have a fantastic solution for you. CP Accountants (www.cpnumbers.com.au) provide a high touch service and a wealth of experience to look after all your basic and more complex accounting needs.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Legal Matters

We have different associates in this area depending on our clients’ needs. From basic wills to complex Testamentary Trusts, we can liaise with you and our legal partners to ensure an outcome that will give you and your family peace of mind. Estate Planning is an important part of our advice process to ensure your wealth is protected and paid to beneficiaries in a tax effective manner (where possible).

Mortgage Brokers

When assessing your debts, it is important to receive advice that is impartial. Our partners, Darren Matthews and Simon McNeil bring different strengths and resources to our valued clients’ finance needs. With this approach we can offer clients a large range of finance providers or the choice of a renowned, market leading institution such as ANZ Bank. Darren and Simon have consistently sourced excellent rates for our clients’ mortgages and other finance needs, as well as provided advice on the most suitable structures. Furthermore their service can include a mobile lending approach if you don’t have the time to visit their offices.

Being part of a network of professionals ensures our clients receive a high standard of advice without having to pay exorbitant fees. We constantly review our referral partners and seek client feedback so that the service and outcomes provided are consistent with that of Benchmark Financial Services.


I am very grateful for the personal touch which Rosanne and David have always provided with my financial planning. They have always advocated the long term approach and my Portfolio has experienced excellent growth as a result. I have had a very long term association with Rosanne, David and John & I look forward to continuing to plan my financial future with their professional guidance.

L. KULPA (Cheltenham)

Thank you sincerely for the generous amount of time spent on advising me on all financial and insurance matters. After making a significant professional change, John made me aware of the need to reassess my income protection insurance cover. As it turns out, the new policy which I purchased as advised by John, covered me for my recent out of work accident.

Alan Silver (Commercial Airline Pilot)

Thank you sincerely for the incredible assistance and advice regarding the insurance claim made recently for lost income due to illness. I recall how Rachael made me aware of the need to reassess my income protection insurance cover many years ago and thinking I would never need it. As it turns out, the new policy which I purchased as advised by Rachael, covered me for my recent illness which caused me to not be able to work for 3 months.

John Groenendijk (Southern Cross Hotel)

Rosanne, David & John have managed my Portfolio for 17 years now and in that time their service has always exceeded my expectations. They continue to ensure my financial needs are met and that I am fully informed with the reasonings behind their recommendations. I feel very comfortable knowing that Rosanne & David are managing my finances and have full confidence that their approach to financial planning will continue to produce excellent results for their clients.

C. Carson (Nth Melbourne)

All good businesses to be successful need to be credible and have honest and reliable people directing and working for them.Some fifteen years ago prior to my retirement I was looking for a sound financial adviser to look after my assets.

M. Chestney (Brighton)

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